Royal Talk

Secrets brand story  

Secrets Shhh believes women can own the diamond look without compromising any of the lustre or sparkle of the finest quality diamonds unearthed.

We introduced the revolutionary diamond simulant in to beautiful 10 and 14-carat gold jewellery designs, which stylishly showcase the intrinsic beauty of our fine quality stones. Secrets’ high-grade diamond simulants are virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye from a mined diamond. Our signature stones are cut to the same exacting standards demanded of the diamond industry for maximum fire, brilliance and clarity.

With a passion and energy for design and on trend, high-end looks, we continually breathe new life in to our extensive signature and seasonal collections. Our talented designers unleash their imaginations in our Noosa showroom; their creations are then brought to life by our very own master jewellers. We’re passionate about giving women the choice and freedom to find their own Secrets style.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, from environmental considerations to design quality and respect for our customers. Whether you’re shopping online or in one of our beautiful stores, you can expect the same quality customer service you deserve.

Our Beginning

Secrets Shhh was co-founded in 2000 by award-winning jewellery designer Dietmar, and Jane. Together their combined 30 years’ jewellery experience unearthed the awareness that not all women could afford the diamond of their dreams.  This partnership has now grown into a team of dedicated designers, sales professionals and more, constantly working to provide every customer around the globe the opportunity to feel good about what they are wearing.