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Winter is well and truly here, but do not fear. The Royal Arcade has you covered with all your winter essentials. Here are our 5 tips to help survive the cooler weather!

First and foremost, warm up with a delicious hot chocolate at Koko Black. The perfect way to make you feel toasty and warm inside. If hot chocolate is not your cup of tea, then Kit Espresso offers the best coffee in town. That extra bit of caffeine might make it easier to get through the day.

For those brave enough to endure the cold, head to Marais or Somewhere for your latest winter clothing. Looking good and feeling warm in winter has never been easier.

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Image from Marais Instagram page.

For those not so brave, you can find some indoor entertainment at The Games Shop. Challenge one of your friends to a game of chess and take advantage of the warm indoors.

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Everyone knows that winter not only brings the colder weather, but drier skin. Look no further than Paint n Powder for a luxurious facial, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the cold. For all those men who are conscious of their skin, Men’s Biz has a huge range of skin care products to help get through winter.

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Image from Men’s Biz Instagram page.

And finally winter is made that little bit easier with Agathe Patisserie (open Tuesday to Friday). Take a break from your busy day and indulge in some delightful pastries. Muffins, chocolate croissants and doughnuts can definitely make you forget about the cold weather.

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Image from Agathe Patisserie Instagram page.

Featured Image via Koko Black Instagram page.