Royal Talk

There’s a certain romance about The Royal Arcade – the natural light, the old world charm as you look up at the ornate details of the iron work and the relative quiet that you experience when you step off the busy streets of the CBD.

So where else would you choose to celebrate Valentine’s day?

We present to you the Royal Arcade Valentine’s date. This could be a perfect way to impress a new romantic interest, or a gesture to show your long-term partner you still care.

Start at Little Collins Street, stop for lunch, brunch, or a coffee and cake – you could even treat yourselves to a glass of wine or two. Pay him or her a compliment; it is Valentine’s day after all.

With your stomachs lined then meander up the arcade to look for a gift for your Valentine. Pick something out from one of the stores, a piece of jewellery perhaps from Jeeba Jewellery, Love it, Sssh Secrets or the Royal Pearl and Gem company. Or head straight upstairs (on the left past Caffe E Torta) to Marais or Somewhere to pick out a designer piece. Go and visit the secret gallery while your there (pretend it was your idea).

Do you look your best? Separate ways and get spruced up for the evening at Paint’ n Powder or Men’s Biz. Are you bored of each other? You won’t be if you go to The Games Shop and pick out something to play later, there are plenty to choose from if you didn’t have anything else in mind…

Finally stop in at Koko Black to pick up a sweet treat to take with you, the heart-shaped chocolate lollys look delicious.

Is that the time? Not sure – pick up a stunning timepiece for him or her at Thomas Jewellers to finish off the perfect Royal date.